A List of Potential Dissertation Topics in Educational Technology

A few decades ago, education was done mainly in schools, by teachers and professors giving lessons. Each student had an array of tools, which included books, notebooks, pens, and pencils. Back in that time, papers played a significant role in education. In fact, no one could see this process without papers. But the times have changed, and so have our schools and teaching tools. Nowadays, no one would believe that education is possible without technology.

In a world where technology influences each aspect of our life, it would be impossible to ignore it when we teach our children or youngsters valuable lessons. In fact, the role of education is to help them to achieve success in life. But technology is part of our everyday life. Therefore, it’s impossible to separate teaching from technology. Many essays and dissertations have been written on this topic. Researchers continue to study this aspect, and teachers continue to assign their students papers related to it.


Writing a dissertation in educational technology

If you are interested in it, maybe you think about writing your dissertation on such a topic. In fact, this issue is up-to-date and practical, so why not give it a try?


If you need inspiration, check the following potential dissertation topics in educational technology. This list is meant to provide you with several ideas you can develop further into a study or an elaborate paper.

  • What factors influence the acceptance of the use of technology in education?
  • The link between the use of computers and mobile gadgets in elementary and students score on tests
  • Trying to achieve instructional immediacy by using electronic mail
  • Distance education improved by interactive television technology
  • A study on the effects of multi-user virtual environments on children
  • The influence of educational technology on students’ future career
  • Comparing classroom environment with multi-user virtual environment
  • Principles of design for intelligent tutoring systems
  • How can representational obstacles be removed in a digital library environment?
  • A study on the effects of educational virtual environments on the behavior of young employees
  • Patterns of evaluation framework for online courses for adult students
  • How does computerized help influence contextualized reading in second language learners?
  • How do adult students perceive educational virtual environments?
  • Instructor’s perception on educational technology and how this influences their teaching process
  • Accommodating with technological tools from the perspective of novice teachers
  • How does learning online affect the levels of anxiety and stress in adulthood?
  • A study on accentuating the gap gender through online evaluation

Additional tips

When you choose your thesis topic, make sure you have access to a broad range of materials for the research phase. This one is the most important step because the quality of your paper depends on it. Therefore, it would be wise to seek several resources first, then decide on an individual topic. Moreover, the list above is given to you for inspiration, but you are free to adapt any item however you want or to choose a total different one.


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