An Ultimate Guide On How To Write Essays From Scratch

When you just get an assignment, it may be confusing as you may have nothing on the topic, no idea of the plot and structure, etc. All this can lead to panic, but this is the last thing a decent student would do. If you follow a guide on how to write essays from scratch, you will be able to plan your work from 0% and make it 100% right before the deadline.

How to Write a Great Essay from Scratch

  • Determine the type of the paper. There are many types of such papers, like argumentative, persuasive, narrative, etc. Determine the type you have in this assignment and read more on its features. This will help you understand its purpose and get the most benefits out of it, allowing you to write a better work.
  • Brainstorm ideas and choose a topic. Think of what you’d like to write about if you have a free essay topics or have to choose a narrow theme within the subject you have in your assignment. Pick something that would be challenging yet interesting for you and for the people who will read your paper.
  • Gather material. If you need some additional information on the topic, search for it on reliable services online or at libraries. It’s highly recommended to search for any updates on the subject even if you are an expert in it, as there may be some news that you may want to include in the paper.
  • Make an outline. If the type of work isn’t a large piece, some students may succeed without an outline. But if you are wondering how to write better essays, consider creating a brief outline of your work. This will help you understand what should or shouldn’t be there, whether you will fit into the word count, etc.
  • Write and proofread the paper. Write the work according to your outline and notes, following the structure and sticking to the topic. Then proofread it several times to make sure there are no major mistakes left. After you finish, the paper will be ready to be handed in, which you can do with full confidence.


When you see a blank sheet of paper or an empty document on the monitor, don’t panic. Follow the guide mentioned above instead. Think about the type of the paper you have to write, brainstorm some original ideas, choose an interesting topic, and plan the work, whatever its size is. Then write it, including a bit of everything: your thoughts, background information, statistics, calls for action, etc. Check the paper a couple of times and you’ll be fully ready with your assignment.

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