Compelling Essay Topics on Odyssey: Expert Choice

When dealing with a piece of literatureas renowned as The Odyssey, it can be a bit intimidating to try andcome up with an original topic to write about for a compelling essay. However, you don’t have to be a literary expert to write asuccessful paper. We will go over both how to write a compelling paper, as well as some of the best topics to use.

Creating a Compelling Essay

In order to write a successful, compelling paper, you need to draw in your readers. One of the bestways to do this is through the use of a captivating introductory paragraph and thesis statement. You need to grab your reader’ sattention and then maintain it throughout. With a work as well-known as The Odyssey, it’s important that you find something you can personally connect with from the book so that you can then connect toyour readers. If you have passion for what you’re writing, your readers will also sense that.


Odyssey Topic Suggestions

While there are plenty of differenttopic suggestions that can be found on the web, it’s important to take your time when choosing the topic that you would like to write about as this will be the foundation for your whole paper. Here are some of the best essay topics out there that you can draw upon for inspiration for yourpaper.

  1. What is the significance of theisland of Ithaca, as well as the sea itself?
  2. How do gods and humans interact? What roles do both play?
  3. What are the values thatcharacterize family relationships?
  4. What roles do women play and whatis their significance in the Odyssey?
  5. Odysseus is portrayed as a hero. What are some of the qualities that distinguish him, and how dothese qualities benefit him?
  6. There are many characters that usedisguises throughout the Odyssey. What is the purpose of thesedisguises, and did they achieve the desired results for those who used it?
  7. Why is the value of hospitality soimportant, and how is this relevant to the time period in which the Odyssey was written?
  8. There are both cunning and strongmen portrayed throughout. What is the portrayal of both and which is more powerful?
  9. What literary components does theauthor use to elaborate events throughout the story? How does theauthor deepen the level of interaction between the reader and thewritten page?
  10. Does Odysseus stay the samethroughout the story or does he develop as a character?

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways of making this assignment personal and therefore compelling, not justfor yourself, but for your readers. Be sure to take your time and usethe literary work for reference throughout as this will provide youwith valuable information. Through personal interest and someresearch, you should have no problems selecting a great topic andwriting a compelling essay that everyone will enjoy.

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