Crafting a High-Quality Literature Essay about Frankenstein

Since it was written by Mary Shelley nearly two centuries ago, Frankenstein has continued to be a literary masterpiece by the consensus of nearly all literary scholars and critics. For students of literature, it is virtually impossible to complete one’s course in college without studying the book thoroughly. Apart from examination questions, you will likely be asked to write an essay about the book. You can visit this company to find an immense amount of resources and get professional assistance in crafting a top-notch quality paper on Frankenstein. While that is in the works though, here are some things you should note as you prepare your literature paper.

Background and Character Analysis

The first thing you should do is give an overview of the background of the book. You can do this by analyzing the author of the work and discussing the influences that can be seen in the way she depicted the characters. You can also discuss the life of the author herself, and how her personal opinions and ideology are reflected in the story. She is known to have been a constant traveler, so spending some time to write on her travels to different locations would be a very good way to capture the attention of the reader, especially if you can show some connections to certain features of the story.


After explaining the background of the story, the next thing that you ought to touch on in your essay is the characters depicted in the story. Most students only pay attention to the main characters and ignore the minor ones. To make your story stand out, you should ensure that you analyze all the different characters and show how they contribute to the story. While you are discussing the impact of the characters on the story, you should be careful to point out as many references as are necessary. Doing so will show that you have an in-depth knowledge of the story.

Plot, Reception and Impact

The plot is the central part of the story, so you should conduct thorough analysis of it in your essay. Discuss it in light of the literary practices at the time when it was written and also in comparison with present-day trends. The character development is particularly important in this story due to the unusual nature of one of the major characters. Shed some light on how the monster came to be and how its perceptions and general behavior changed over the course of the story.


As you come to the conclusion of your essay, discussing the reception of the book by readers and critics when it was released would be a good thing to do. You should also explore the effect of the book on literature in general and the science fiction genre specifically. The book has been described as the first true work of science fiction. Discussing the specific features that can be found in the book and which have come to define the genre would be a great way to bring your work to a conclusion.

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