Hints To Help You Write The Great Gatsby Symbolism Essay

The Great Gatsby, written by renowned American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a favorite subject for essays for most teachers. Truth be told, the novel is a masterpiece and deserves all the praises it has received over the years (it was written in 1925). The writing is full of symbols, so talking about symbolism only makes sense. There are at least three symbols in the novel that you can safely talk about in your paper. If you need to make your composition unique and talk about little-known symbols, don’t be shy and ask for help here.

The Three Main Symbols in The Great Gatsby

The first major symbol is the green light. The character, Gatsby, can see it from his lawn, as it sits at the end of Daisy’s dock. However, what does this green light represent? For Gatsby, it is the light that guides him to his goal – fulfilling the American dream. In other words, the green light symbolizes all of Gatsby’s dreams and goals.


The Valley of Ashes is the second major symbol in The Great Gatsby. This desolate land has been created between New York and West Egg by dumping tones upon tones of ash. This valley of ashes symbolizes the life and hardships of the poor. It also presents the moral and social decay of people who long only for riches and power.

The third major symbol is the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg. The eyes are painted on an old billboard over the symbolic valley of ashes. Although the novel doesn’t tell us much about this symbol, it seems to represent God as he watches over the immoral American society.


How to Tackle the Symbolism Essay

First, pick one or more symbols that you would like to discuss in your paper. The topic of the paper should be interesting and should show your teacher that you invested time and effort into composing the work. Your statements and facts should captivate your audience and should make your readers want to know more. However, always keep in mind to back up your statements with top quality sources.


A simple way to write such a paper would be to choose the five-paragraph structure. You have an introduction (be sure to make it stand out from the rest in your class), three paragraphs for the body, and a conclusion (also make it stand out). Each of the body paragraphs can discuss a separate symbol, or you can discuss a major symbol in all three.

It is important to understand that constructing a strong introduction is very important for a good grade. The same applies to the conclusion. Invest extra time into polishing these two sections. The first introduces your thesis statement and draws your readers in. The latter provides a suitable ending to an interesting and intriguing discussion.


Last, but no least, proofread everything at least twice and read everything out loud. You must ensure that your sentences and paragraphs flow well and that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes left in the final version of your symbolism essay on The Great Gatsby.

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