Ideas That Will Help You Write a Graphic Design Dissertation

A dissertation is never easy to write, especially in the field of graphic design. In fact, it is one of the most complicated tasks you have to undertake in your entire academic career. In many cases, your future depends on how well your paper is received by the evaluation committee. However, with careful planning, a lot of time, and dedication, you can complete the assignment on time. Here are some dissertation writing tips that will help you to compose top-quality paper for the short time.

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The Steps To A Great Dissertation 

It all starts with a great topic. Let’s face it, as long as the subject you pick doesn’t arouse the curiosity of your readers, you won’t get very far. The topic must be interesting and must have the potential to captivate. Of course, your writing style and the information presented in the paper should be easy to digest and make your readers want to read more. However, the topic is what draws them in. In this post, we will give you 13 great topics you can choose from.


After you have a topic in mind, create the thesis statement and then build the outline of your paper. From the outline, you can create the first draft by adding content and valuable information. Revise the draft until the paper is near perfect. Then, all you have to do is perform some rigorous editing and proofreading, and it’s done.

The 13 Topics For Your Graphic Design Dissertation

  • The most influential graphic designer in the world. Who is he and why do you consider him to be the most influential?
  • Advertising and graphic design. Talk about why graphic design is an integral part of advertising, and don’t forget to include interesting statistics.
  • Using the latest technologies in graphic design. Talk about the latest trends and how designers use them.
  • Types of advertisements. Talk about how ads changed over the last 30 years, in relation to graphic design.
  • Ancient graphic design. Talk about cave drawings (like those in France, for example).
  • Typefaces and print styles. Talk about their history and how they changed over time.
  • The tools photographers and graphic designers use. Talk about the tools that are used by both kinds of professionals.
  • Can graphic design change the identity of a company? You should focus on logos and color choices.
  • Is anime really art? Find supporting facts and analyze the best anime shows.
  • Popular designs used when creating commercial logos. Identify them and analyze each one.
  • Does the graphic design of the book influence the book’s sales? Explain why.
  • How much does it actually cost to hire a good graphic designer?
  • The qualities and traits of a good graphic designer. How do these influence his work?

You can use any of these topics as a starting point for your paper. Remember that, while the topic is important, it is not everything that counts. Always pay attention to detail, and make your paper stand out from the rest.

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