List Of 12 Great Essay Topics About Julius Caesar

Check this website for a list of 12 great essay topics to write about Julius Caesar. Many monarchs have existed over the years but a few stand out from the rest. Julius Caesar is undoubtedly one of the greatest monarchs of all time. Napoleon Bonaparte, Akbar the Great and Genghiz Khan are other great rulers in history.

Julius Caesar was a very influential and powerful Roman monarch who initiated democracy in this nation. Roman kings are referred to as Caesar due to the fame and popularity of Julius Caesar. The personality of this king had a number of layers but the bottom line is that he was able to lead the country effectively.


Julius Caesar’s rule is highlighted in many academic syllabi due to his immense contribution to his country. You can easily be faced with the task of writing an essay about Julius Caesar and may find it difficult to choose a topic to write about him. An essay should be relevant and interesting and the first step of developing one is the topic.

Here is a list of great topics to write about Julius Caesar:

  • What led to the death of Julius Caesar?
  • Describe the relationship between Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. Cleopatra was a mystic queen in Egypt and one of Caesar’s wives who later became Mark Antony’s wife.
  • What aspects of monarchy changed as a result of Julius Caesar’s leadership?
  • Was Julius Caesar far-sighted? Explain how and outline the benefits of this personal attribute.
  • Did superstitions cloud Julius Caesar’s judgment?
  • Where did Julius Caesar get his inspiration from?
  • Explain democracy under Julius Caesar
  • What was the position of women during the time of Julius Caesar?
  • What was the character of Julius Caesar? Did the positive characteristics contribute to his success as a ruler? Did the negative ones contribute to his downfall?
  • Caesar suffered from Epilepsy. Explain how this was used against him by Cassius.
  • During the times of Julius Caesar, taking wives was a normal occurrence and Mark Antony; his right hand man married Cleopatra who was Caesar’s wife before. Explain this culture.
  • The ghost of Caesar led to the downfall of Cassius and Brutus; explain how this happened.

These 12 topics are amazing. You can write a spectacular essay about Julius Caesar using them and excellent results are guaranteed. Some of the issues mentioned are major causes of heated debates among students and coming up with a good argument can earn you excellent results. If none of them looks promising to you, you can get an idea of what is expected and create a topic that will suit your interests.

The questions are also open ended and can be used for a number of rulers. Whether you are talking about Napoleon or Akbar, the issues to address are normally quite similar. You can use these topics whenever you are writing an essay about Julius Caesar and the relevance of the essay will be guaranteed, good language and appropriate content will make it interesting and your essay will be top rated.

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