Research Paper Topics in Education: 20 Great Suggestions

Choosing an education research topic can be a very daunting task since it is a very wide and diverse subject, however all hope is not lost; you can get assistance from this company for the best topics and ideas. There are many things to write about in an education research paper but you need the most exciting and intriguing topics for your work to stand out.

Education is driven by passion and this is the main source of motivation for many individuals in this field. Whether you are teaching or being taught, this is usually a very interesting subject that comes naturally. You need to develop insight and a proper understanding of the subject matter before writing about whichever topic. There are several things to write about but many students tend to have a burning issue that they wish to address. However, this does not make the process of selecting a theme for your research paper any simpler due to the myriad of issues that can be addressed in this field.


Here is a list of relevant suggestions that will lead to a successful research paper. They are carefully selected to either make a good topic or stimulate your mind to come up with an interesting one.

  1. How can the advanced technology be used to ease the process of planning a lesson and improving the delivery?
  2. Are there methods that can be used to make libraries and the Internet safer for students?
  3. What is the level of Accountability in Education and what methods can be used to improve it?
  4. What can be done to reduce violence in schools?
  5. What are the major causes of school drop outs?
  6. Can corporal punishment improve the discipline and performance of students?
  7. Which dress codes are proper for students?
  8. What is home schooling? What are the pros and cons of this system?
  9. Homosexuality in boarding schools.
  10. What is the ideal amount of information that should be taught to a high school student in a day? Is Information Overload a possible reason for the declining standards of education in some countries?
  11. What are the roles of parents in the education system?
  12. What are the key factors that influence the choice of a school?
  13. Can student evaluations be standardized at all levels of study? Is it possible?
  14. What are the greatest risks facing students at high school level?
  15. Is a year round school system advantageous or disadvantageous to the students and the teachers?
  16. How is censorship affecting the studying process?
  17. What is the main reason behind absenteeism in class? Is this a form of indiscipline?
  18. Is there a need for personalized education for students with different needs, strengths and abilities?
  19. What can be done to improve critical thinking among students?
  20. What is the role of religion in education?

These suggestions are superb since they touch on interesting current issues. You can simply choose one of the topics, carry out a proper research of the content and you will definitely create an outstanding research paper.

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